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Discuss how to delete account. Many people open their account on this site to book a car or truck for themselves. Many feel good with services offered by the company and very few feel unhappy.

Hertz has become a major rent-a-car company. It was formerly known as Rent-a-Car Inc. Now it has nearly 37,000 employees. For your information, it is NYSE listed and growing company.

Their network is growing in almost every major country. This can only be possible if customers are satisfied with the offered services.

If you are giving your account to someone else for reservation, then it will be against the rules of the company. In this situation, Hertz team can terminate your ID.

Okay, come back to the topic. But before that, it would be good to know some things.

  • Pay the due amount.

  • Cancel any pending rental reservation/membership.

  • Keep copies of the last transaction in the device storage (PC/mobile).

Hertz Delete Account Guide

We are recommending you this option because there is no official information on this subject. If you have, share with us.

Email: Compose a new email with delete account subject line and send it to recipient ID

After some time the message will come from the company side. Sometimes, it may take 1-3 days. Carefully read the information given and follow steps.

Social Help: Visit official social media pages and ask for help.

  • (send a direct message)


Hertz customer service phone number and email address:

  • Phone number USA: 1-877-826-8782 :white_check_mark:
    Billing query: 1-800-654-4173 (7.00 am to 7.00 pm CST Mon-Fri)
    Future reservations: 1-800-654-3131 (USA, Puerto Rico or Canada)
    Car in the Shop: 1-800-704-4473 (US)
    Roadside Assistance: 1-800-654-5060, 405-749-3686 (Toll-free both)
    Extend rental or return location related: 1-800-654-4174
    Gold Plus Rewards: 888-999-4900
    Lost & Found: 606-602-6736

  • Email address USA: :white_check_mark:
    Lost & Found:
    Charge Card:

  • On social media:

  • Live chat: The option is obtainable by following this guide. Visit official website, then click Contact Us link that located at the bottom side under Customer Support title. Sometimes, it can take more time to connect with the agent.

  • Fax number: we do not have information about it.