Delete Teespring Account -


Discuss how to delete My Teespring account. Get Teespring customer service phone number and email address. As per the site rules, multiple accounts are not allowed.

Discover more t-shirts designs, login to dashboard, apparel, mugs, and community page are popular on Teespring website. Registered users love to visit these pages often.

Company’s after-sales support is commendable. I had visited the company’s Twitter timeline. On where I have noticed that one buyer had a problem with the order. When the buyer tweeted, the help team provided good satisfaction and solved the difficulty.

Delete Teespring Account Step-by-step Guide:

According to the Privacy web page - once your account will be deactivated, the user can not able to log in. So, think twice about what you are doing. Dear seller, clear any pending funds before doing the process.

  1. The user can disable the registered account by sending an email.

  2. Compose a new email to send termination request.

  3. Write correct subject line and text in the email body.

  4. Send it to the recipient - or below given support ID.

  5. Tip: Use your Teespring account email ID to send a message. Wait for confirmation.

Get Teespring Customer Service Contact Details

  • Phone number: 855-833-7774 (As per Bloomberg, not verified)

  • Email address: 1), 2)
    For seller: 1), 2)

  • On social media:

  • Live chat:

  • Fax: not found!