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Discuss LendingTree login service. The site offers you various options regarding loan rates. An applicant can choose the best suitable deal and contact the lender.

The story of the establishment is very interesting. The owner of this company wanted to buy the house, so he went to the bank for the loan process inquiry. The owner noticed that this is a time-consuming procedure. It used to waste time to get mortgage loan rates from various banks.

He thought that why not make such a platform so that others do not suffer from it. And thus the idea turned into LendingTree site. Now on this website, anyone can get information about loan rates by filling simple steps.

The official URL for access account is www.my.lendingtree.com. To take full advantage of the services, the sign-up is recommended first on LendingTree site. You can check your credit score free of charge.

People often visit platform for the mortgage, personal loans, auto loan, to check office locations, and find a job.

Know how the company works: As soon as you register the account, the company sends your data to up to five lenders. Then the request given by you is discussed. If the proposal is accepted, then the client is called for the agreement process. In the meanwhile, you have to give loan processing charges. Finally, if all is completed then LendingTree gets his commission.

My LendingTree Login Guide

  • Go to the https://my.lendingtree.com and tap on the ‘Sign In’ link, which is located on the top right side.

  • Enter the registered Email Address and Password. If you’ve lost the password, go to the ‘Forgot Password’ link.

  • And then press blue colored ‘Sign In’ button.

  • For help, visit LendingTree.com Phone Number, Email Address page.


My id is blocked how do open this.


Have you tried company’s customer support?