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‘Mr. Customer Care’ (mrcustomercare.com) is a forum to discuss any website’s login, registration, and customer care service.

It’s important for MrCustomerCare.com Member

  • Who is it for? - Well, I already wrote about it in the first line of this post. As a customer and online shopping site visitor, I faced many problems in the past, especially when I could not find customer service information. That is why I created this forum to discuss services of any website.

  • What can you find here? - A new visitor, who has not yet opened his account on secure platform MrCustomerCare.com, can only read different topics. If you become a member (which is free), you can participate in the topic discussion and can help others by replying. If there is a problem, write your problem by clicking the ‘New Topic’ button.

  • Why should you come here? - The answer is not in one sentence. You will get an opportunity to help others on this forum and if you have any problems, then it will be resolved by ‘Mr. Customer Care’ community members. Apart from this, as a member continues his activity, he will receive new Budgets as well. The person will receive gifts from the administrator (@Admin) on receiving more budgets. It can be Mobile recharge coupon, Amazon shopping gift voucher, or any other limited gift.

  • Where can you find/read more (links, resources, etc)? - This forum is in its early days. As time goes on, there will be some changes in page/rules/design. You will find that change on this page. If there is any problem regarding this modern forum, go to the ‘Site Feedback’ category and open a new topic. Priority will be given to your problems.


In the future, any person deliberately will misbehave with other member or else try to spam/violate any topic/things on the forum, then that member will be deleted.

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